Life Sciences


A Special Responsibility

As a company that specializes in time-critical shipments that require a high-degree of personal attention, Global FIRST is ideally suited to deliver the level of service required by life science companies.

Why is Global FIRST so well-positioned to meet the exacting demands of the life science sector?

Simply put, Global FIRST understands that the handling and transport of this type of precious cargo carries with it a special responsibility and that more often than not there are no second chances. Whether a shipment is a precious gift from a donor family or a life-altering treatment or therapy, Global FIRST knows that time is of the essence and there is absolutely no margin for error when you literally hold someone’s future in your hands. Global FIRST delivers each and every shipment with a focus on shipping efficacy, reduced turnaround or transit times, and expedited transit in order to minimize the cold ischemic time.

Global FIRST’s fundamental understanding of the gravity of each and every shipment is not the only reason that executives in the life science community choose to partner with us.

These decision-makers turn to Global FIRST for their logistics services because they know that Global FIRST has both the experience and the systems in place to ensure that these critical shipments are delivered precisely when and where they are needed and – when organs, tissue, blood and cell therapies are involved – within the proper temperature range.

They also know that Global FIRST will provide them with a solution that optimizes costs and efficiency and offers visibility and control – a solution built on global capabilities, industry-leading technology, the highest-possible degree of personal service and, most importantly, a thorough understanding of the needs of the life science sector.

A Customized Solution for Each Life Science Sector

Cord Blood

Helping to ensure a child, their sibling or other family member’s future health and well-being – that’s the promise offered by cord blood. But this promise can only be kept if that cord blood is handled, transported and delivered in a manner that maintains both its viability and stem cell count. The Global FIRST focus is on door-to-door mission critical transportation of cord blood to your cryogenic storage facility or to a transplant center within the specific regulatory guidelines.

Global FIRST is ideally positioned to make sure that your irreplaceable shipment is kept within the prescribed temperature range and delivered safely and as expeditiously as possible. Whether moving your cord blood collection or LN2 vapor shipper around the corner or a long distance via our Next Flight Out service, Global FIRST will help to maintain proper custody, control and container orientation. Global FIRST can also help you with your bottom line by designing a hybrid transportation solution that is customized to your company’s needs while always utilizing a medical courier for bedside pick up.

Organ Transplants

When it comes to providing logistics services to Organ Procurement Organizations, Global FIRST understands that there are no second chances! For this precious gift from donors and their families, time and the integrity of each shipment is of the utmost concern. Global FIRST understands that if this delicate and perishable shipment is not delivered precisely where and when it is needed and handled in strict accordance with prescribed guidelines, the consequences can be tragic.

The goal of Global FIRST is to deliver each and every shipment with a focus on shipping efficacy and expedited transit in order to minimize the cold ischemic time. The Global FIRST philosophy is why OPO’s turn to us for their logistics services. They know that, since there are no second chances, they need a logistics partner that specializes in the handling of these types of critical shipments, one that has industry-leading systems in place to ensure that each donor’s gift is delivered on-time. Global FIRST provides logistics solutions that optimize costs, efficiency, and offer visibility and control.

Medical Devices and Equipment

Your customers purchase top-of-the-line products, and they expect those products to be well-maintained. Global FIRST will help you with these service commitments with fast and accurate delivery of your critical spare parts. Our door- to-door service will tighten your service parts supply chain, minimize downtime, and help your field engineers speed those products back into service. With medical devices it may involve something as large as an MRI machine or as small as a titanium pin, an implantable pacer or orthopedic device.

Hospitals, medical centers, and various health care facilities naturally need their parts to be handled and stored in a safe and secure manner and delivered where and when they are needed and in perfect condition. Decision makers in the medical device and equipment field choose Global FIRST as their logistics partner because they understand that Global FIRST will provide them with a customized single-source supply chain solution that optimizes costs and efficiency and offers visibility and control – so patients and doctors have exactly what they need… exactly when they need it. Most importantly, these executives know that Global FIRST has a thorough understanding of their highly-specialized needs – experience that is critical when dealing with equipment that has such an impact on people’s lives.

Cell Therapy

Cell therapies have become an important modality in the treatment of diseases. Logistics plays a critical role in this process from collection through manufacturing and delivery back to the patient. A key component of this system is a logistics and distribution network capable of accomplishing the coordinated movement of cellular material to accommodate patient and manufacturing schedules. Global FIRST has the experience and expertise to provide this mission critical transportation with door-to- door service.

Whether it involves providing services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies or picking up a cell-based therapy from a manufacturer and delivering it directly to the patient, Global FIRST is a logistics partner that specializes in the handling of these types of critical shipments – one that has industry-leading systems in place to ensure that each patient’s therapy is delivered on-time, in the proper temperature-range and with respect to orientation. Global FIRST’s transportation solutions will meet your precise requirements – we are proud to play a small part in helping to make the promise of cell therapy a reality.

Tissue Donations

Global FIRST understands the importance of recovered tissue from donors and greatly respects the decision by their families to donate.

Time and the integrity of each shipment is our utmost concern so that recovery, processing and distribution of human tissue grafts used for transplantation can safely be delivered to those who need this life-altering gift. Tissue donations are often referred to as the gift of life and with good reason. These life-changing treatments used from bone, connective tissue, skin or corneal donations both save and improve the quality of people’s lives and need to be transported with a focus on care, custody and control.

At Global FIRST we believe the only way to truly thank the selfless individuals who make these donations is to ensure that their precious gift is used for its intended purpose. By working with Global FIRST you partner with a logistics company who will keep this delicate and precious cargo in pristine condition and deliver it precisely when and where it is needed. Global FIRST’s unparalleled experience in time critical transportation and industry-leading systems and technology will allow you to do just that – and will help you fulfill the promise you made to the people who have so generously offered others this irreplaceable gift.

Blood Banking

Donated blood is a precious and limited resource with many inventories limited by just-in-time testing. In order for these selfless donations to help others, Global FIRST understands that the tubes for testing, blood, and blood products must be transported quickly and effectively so as to reduce critical turnaround times. This transportation process must be handled properly after being picked up from the draw site and delivered as expeditiously as possible to the testing lab or resource sharing site.

Managing this type of delicate transfer is our focus here at Global FIRST – we specialize in shipments just like this – shipments where there is simply no margin for error. Global FIRST’s mission critical services ensures that your tubes and blood will be delivered on-time and in perfect condition and in doing so we make sure that you keep faith with the people who make this life-giving donation. When someone donates blood they do so with the expectation that their generous gift will be used to help those in need and Global FIRST is committed in partnering with you to fulfill this commitment.

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