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Global FIRST has emerged as a leader in the legal courier services field. Our professional staff has earned the trust and respect of lawyers, judges and government officials throughout the World. Our solutions are customized to meet the demands of any legal team, with the expert staff, technology and Worldwide coverage to expedite and document all services. Using a vast fleet of well-maintained trucks, courier vehicles, vetted agents, advanced tracking technology, and secure Chain of Custody protocol, we manage the legal courier hassle, no matter how complicated, completing your delivery above and beyond your expectations. Our professional, vetted and uniformed drivers are experienced in the special handling of any legal case requirements. They prioritize customer service to assure secure, timely and reliable legal courier support.

  • Legal Courier Services Designed Around You
    Global FIRST establish a new standard of reliability, flexibility and professionalism in legal courier services. We succeed because we have the area of coverage, certified personnel, and state-of-the-art communications and computer technology to ensure fast and deliveries customized to meet your needs.

  • Guaranteed Timely Service
    Global FIRST guarantees same-day or next flight out attempted legal courier service within the country and the World.

  • Industry-Leading Chain of Custody Technology
    Using advanced tracking technology, we document each delivery, ensuring absolute security through an accurate, real-time Chain of Custody protocol. Our in-the-field technology capabilities allow for electronic order placement, online tracking, GPS Proof of Service, and email delivery confirmation on all services.

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