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The purpose of this policy is to define how personal information may or may not be collected over the Internet:

Most state laws specify personal information shall not be collected unless the need for it has been clearly established in advance and the personal information shall be appropriate and relevant to the purpose for which it has been collected.
The term "personal information" typically means all information that describes, locates or indexes anything about an individual including his real or personal property holdings derived from tax returns, and his education, financial transactions, medical history, ancestry, religion, political ideology, criminal or employment record, or that affords a basis for inferring personal characteristics, such as finger and voice prints, photographs, or things done by or to such individual; and the record of his presence, registration, or membership in an organization or activity, or admission to an institution."
It is Global FIRST policy that appropriate information may be collected to complete an Internet based financial transaction. Any personal information that is collected and retained will be maintained in compliance with local laws and acts.
Personal information and web browsing habits will not be collected through the use of cookies or logging files during Internet browsing of the Global FIRST Website. However, we will track MxWeb user IP addresses, login information, type of browser, etc. for security purposes.

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